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Danse · Macabre;

Snared by Darkness, Caged by Fate.

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This isn’t finished yet… Just a draft.

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ETA: This is like two years ago material, I should update it one day.
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This is here for the benefit of my current Princess Tutu characters. Those being:

- Professor Cat (looksforwife)
- Rue aka Princess Krähe (princess_crow)

What is this for?

♥ To contact me for something characterization wise you believe iffy and are afraid to tell me so over AIM (Larisa Thessaly) or email (thess.fan.of.hellsing@gmail) concerning any of these three characters alone. Anon or signed up. Comments are to be screened. I'll know and if you want a reply, I'll try to give you that (and unscreened if you want me to). OOCness, stagnant development, inconsistency, unfair info modding, probable godmodding, etc, etc. None of this are done in purpose, but I'm human and I can easily make stupid mistakes. Want to fix them up.

♥ Rl vored me and I'm unable to thread/be active/get you back for a plot! Too of that AIM is just being an ass too. So this will be a message center and heads up! Link me any important stuff I missed.

♥ Anyone who's interested to play Professor Cat (and KNOW the canon), dooooo ping me. I'm more than willing to have him in hands of another so I can avoid playercest. Rue's not for trade, sorry.

♥ Cookies?
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I'm tired of waiting like this. I thought this curse would have ended after midnight. Why it hasn't ended yet? It's a nuisance.

How many days will this last? A week? [People are dying, aren't they? She can't worry Fakir or Ahiru. Why can't she listen to the ticking anymore?] The food served is honestly terrible. Do they expect us to survive with what that? Hmpf.

]Fakir + Ahiru[

Are you two anywhere in this train?

(ooc; Rue's compartment # 3 with Rosella and however joined Rosella!).

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[Rue has finished looking at the Network fine display of low quality drama with puzzlement and annoyance.]

Honestly... What is this curse? Are we being written as characters trapped in some sort of parody of the tragedies that must exaggerate any minimal pain and add background music to enhance the melodrama?

This makes no sense and it seems we're supposed to take these grievances seriously? Hmpf. Have the deities run out all the plot twists and good ideas? It wouldn't surprise me if they start recycling again, if this is the best they could do.
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"The Red Shoes"? Hmpf. Good thing I checked the Network before trying these on.

Honestly. How pathetic that the deities had to copy that old fairytale for a new idea. It didn't teach a good lesson. Sometimes parents are too selfish and should let their children dance if that's what they wanted.

I don't need new dancing shoes. You can keep this pair.

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Could you believe I almost made my bed today? Hmpf. How long have we been without domestic service here? Far too long and surely there must be many dying to wash my clothes. Who wouldn't? I am a Princess, after all.

These menial tasks are more appropriate for servants. I have to tolerate by being away from my Prince's castle, but there are well-earned privileges I would not give up.

Come along, Ahiru. I have decided to brighten your day further with my regal presence.

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Opera Abandoned
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[The device flips on to show an upside down view of the Opera Abandoned. The picture clears to show the ground crushing over an annoyed looking Ahiru who is in turn over pained and dizzy-looking Rue with the staircase floating behind them. In the flipside sight consideration where up was down and what’s above is below, it means that it’s Rue who might have given a clumsy fly down the stairs and landed on the red-haired girl who was walking by.

Ahiru lets got an uncharacteristic huff and tries to push Rue from her. She seems fussing over her hair and wrinkled clothes, plainly irritated by this.]

I asked you to be more careful! Hmpf. I can’t believe how clumsy you can be.

[[Strangely enough, it takes Rue a moment to regain balance, and she stumbles on shaking limbs, wobbling as she slumps forward quite ungracefully. Her dark, thick hair is mussed, tied up as if Rue tried to tie it back into a braid. To say the least, it doesn't look very well-done.]]

Qua--I-I'm really sorry! I just--your legs are longer than mine and I was in a rush and then I just slipped and I'm not really used to your hair getting in my face so I didn't see the stairs and then you came and I-I'm so sorry I--!

Forget it.

[She sighs.

As contrast with her disgraceful friend, Ahiru pulls herself to her feet with the utmost dignity and elegance she could muster from the experience. Her hair is loose and smoothly untangled. She spent hours to give a curl effect at the edges. She reaches out to pick up the end of Rue’s braid.]

I’ll have to do something about the hair. You’re going to ruin it if you bind it too tight.

[[Rue blinks confusedly, tilting her head to the side and looking really quite put out.]]

Huh? But I always do my hair like this! 'M not used to having it out...

[[With a sigh, she slumps over again, swinging her arms from side to side, puffing her cheeks out in irritation in a way that's far to not-Rue-like.

With that, the feed cuts.]]

(ooc; ‘Rue’ is red and ‘Ahiru’ is default).
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With Ahiru is back, perhaps we can start to organize an artistic event to raise funds of the vertical fencing. We would have needed it after what happened last month. Obviously, we were the ones to pay for the inefficient protection. It’s never over in this place, is it?

It’s not easy to find someone able to build a solid fencing. Is there anyone out there who isn’t utterly useless as a blacksmith to forge this?

The moral of the story is: When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer.

Hmpf. Don’t tell me that I am affected by that curse nuisance too. I can’t disagree with the suggestion. Taking a no for answer, is resigning to defeat and a life of loneliness.
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Setsuna and Kaoru already left the City, I wonder...

[Who will be next. Rosella? The Earl? Ahiru? Fakir?

It hurts so badly, but she doesn't want to show it anymore. She doesn't want to be weak and coddled because she feels empty with memories of her friends. The taste of ice-cream, the laughter shared, and how numb it all is now she lost two more anchors.

They are leaving her alone again like when she came to the City first. When she was so scared and lonely. She pauses, adding with an offhand huff.]

Hmpf. When it will be my turn to leave and be with my Prince again.
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Opera Abandoned, backyard
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Why can't you leave us be! This is why we must save for a vertical fencing immediately. Keeping the pests away. Hmpf.

Out with all of you! Out!

Except for you, Prince. If you actually came this time.

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