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Danse Macabre;

Snared by Darkness, Caged by Fate.

Rue (Princess Kraehe)
Kinkan Town
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Rue & Princess Kraehe

Name Lorena
Contact info: thess.fan.of.hellsing@gmail.com
Livejournal: sir_hellsing
Disclaimer: Rue/Princess Kraehe and Princess Tutu don’t belong to me. Just used for role play purposes.


Name: Rue.
Series: Princess Tutu (Anime version).
Aliases: Princess Kraehe, Rue-chan.
Age: 14-15 years old. Currently 16. Will turn 17 on Fall. Rue's 19 currently but is stuck as a 17 years old appearance.
PB: Rachel Bilson for reference to PB/real action muns.
Personality: Rue is a Princess for the lack of better word. Not the pink and sugary type, but the sophisticate, distant one. The Popular, Worshiped Girl No One Approaches. She’s graceful, serious, polite and very, very lonely. Snotty as she must carry herself because of her skill and beauty, she’s very sweet and gentle at heart, longing to be loved and frightened by the idea she was born to be alone and despised as her ‘father’ (the Monster Raven) said so.

The emotional abuse from her young years and the tainted blood forced to her since a baby, made her heart easy to manipulate by her ‘Father’ and the story. She was twisted into the role of Princess Kraehe: a vindictive, possessive harpy who would own her Prince, like it or not.

In the end, Rue showed her true colors. She could not ask for someone to sacrifice for her, shooing away Aotoa from peril. She blamed herself for everything and finally broke free from the grasp of darkness: proving her love was selfless and pure, that she was willing to throw her life for her Prince as much as he for her.

Even if she got her happy ending and destroyed the monster with the Prince, Rue has no identity other than ‘Rue’ (as she self-baptized herself). No family she could visit and there is the crow blood in her heart, always present. Mytho’s and Ahiru’s presences made her feel like Rue, made her dance like her with joy and light.

But none of them are in the City. Here, her despair to be far from her Prince and her lack of identity is starting to shatter her world once more.


How long will pass until Kraehe bats her black wings again?

Powers: Rue’s powers are unknown, within series, as the Prince’s Princess, she’s able to help him fight against a town-sized demon Raven made of darkness. Logically, in fairytale basis, she would have abilities related of good princess of that role. She was able to resist Drosselmeyer’s fate by herself and defied the raven blood within her veins. Princess Kraehe is quite powerful, mastering attacks based in darkness, wind, ravens and mesmerizing, able to vanish from sight and fly. Transforming feathers into weapons and walking over lakes or other surfaces without problems. She was also able to turn ravens into soldiers, this is limited in the City, however.


Basic: (Post-Anime ending) Months after her happy ending took place, prior a rehearsal with Mytho, Rue was taken to the City. Alone and frightened, she was able to relate with Erik (the Opera Ghost) and together made Opera Abandoned habitable until Christine joined them. She wasn’t thrilled to have the woman who broke Erik’s heart around, but Rue accepted her when Christine’s feelings toward Erik grew stronger. They were a trio, she practiced ballet while Christine sang and Erik played the pipe organ. But she still missed the Prince with all her heart and, during one of the curse days, the City awoke Kraehe.

Before Kraehe did anything bad, Ahiru arrived to the City. In a display of selfless affection, Kraehe exchanged a memory of Mytho to the late vendor Dorian, so her friend would be able to acquire human form at her leisure again. That sacrifice turned Kraehe back into plain Rue. Her life with Ahiru was more comfortable than before, both performed together, helping Ahiru to improve her technique. Then, the knight and writer Fakir arrived, Rue was jealous first of the attention the duck gave her and he was possessive of Ahiru against the Princess, but, after the family cursed day, Fakir and Rue had a heart-to-heart chat about their respective past and started a solid friendship with understanding since then. He who lost his family and she whose family lost her. Rue’s happiness would be complete when Mytho, her beloved Prince, finally joined them. Conspiring, Rue set up Ahiru and Fakir in a double date, realizing the attraction they had for each others, while she dragged Mytho away from them. She also tried to help Rosette into learning to be a lady so she could recover her brother. This lesson was disturbed by the cruel deadly sins curses. Mytho turned into the Prince of Ravens, stole Rue’s heart and shattered it, spreading the emotions across the City.

After recovering himself, Mytho and Princess Tutu hunted down the emotions whilst Rue remained blank and hollow. Unfortunately, the first shard returned was that of cruelty. Affected by that feeling, Rue turned into Princess Kraehe and disappeared from home, cackling about not allowing them to continue. Together with Darth Bane, Kraehe turned Mytho into the Prince of Ravens and forced him to return her negative emotions. They tortured Circucci with the shard of regret after the Arrancar cowardly killed Ahiru to get even with Fakir. Later on, they awoke the taint of Rue’s missing feelings, the blood of the ravens and took over those who carried the emotion shards. With their aid, the rulers of the Ravens stole hearts of many citizens, provoking (indirectly) a storm, an eclipse, the crumbling of the temple and the leveling of great part of the forest. The carriers of the shards were released by Princess Tutu and Fakir, just in time for the arrival of Drosselmeyer.

With the aid of Drosselmeyer, Kraehe gained control over Fakir with the pride shard, unknown to her, the spin teller was setting Fakir in a tragedy against Ahiru. After tainting the heart of Hotaru and Professor Cat, Kraehe and Mytho started a ritual for her to become the new Monster Raven and engulf the City in darkness. But a team of Lyra, Rukia, Chris, Renji, Belial the Mad Hatter, aside of Ahiru and Fakir, was able to stop them. Princess Tutu and Fakir were able to return Kraehe’s heart and in tears, she became Rue. With the power of true love, Rue was able to stop the tainting of the stolen hearts and release Mytho of his Prince of Ravens persona. Consumed with guilt and regret, Mytho and Rue started to return the missing hearts, facing their victims without hopes of forgiveness.

After the last heart was returned, to the possessed priestess Motoko, the demonic succubus captured both, forcing Mytho watch how she tortured Rue’s legs with his own sword, to finally fracture her left ankle. They were released and Mytho carried Rue to the Opera House where she shut herself on her room, refusing medical assistance and to see anyone. Rue considers that punishment for Kraehe’s sins she must bear alone.

Housing: Opera Abandoned.

Alignment: Heroine/Victim (Rue), Villain (Kraehe).

Status: Alive.

Relationship Status: With her Prince


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